Jeans Production

Belt loop making Belt loop making

Kansai Special B-2000C

Kansai Special BLX-2202CW

Flatbed, 2 needle, bottom cover stitch machine for belt loop making with front knives.

Leg Hemmer Leg Hemmer

Kansai Special RX-9701J-CD

Kansai Special NM-1001J

Single needle heavy duty cylinder arm chainstitch with underbed trimmer


Top feed five thread overlock Top feed five thread overlock

Kansai Special JJT-3116GE-03XK-5x6

Heavy duty five thread overlock with upper and lower feeds

For heavy denim and heavy workwear

Lap seaming Lap seaming

Kansai Special DLR-1503PTF

Flatbed, 3 needle, double chainstitch machine for lap seaming with tractor foot and puller feed.

Feed off the arm lap seaming Feed off the arm lap seaming

Kansai Special SX-6803PD

Three needle heavy duty feed-off-the-arm chainstitch  with puller feed lap seaming jeans

Kansai Special belt loop smocking machine Kansai Special belt loop smocking machine

Kansai Special NW2202GC-MM

New belt loop machine with smocking

Three needle chainstitch with bottom cover stitch

Front fabric knife and folder

Two smocking bars for up to 6 threads of smocking

Used for decorative stitching on belt loops for jeans

More than 20 cams are available for different smocking designs


Waistband Waistband

Kansai Special DLR-1508P

Flatbed, 4 needle, heavy duty double chainstitch machine with puller feed for jeans waistband.

Pocket Facing Pocket Facing

Kansai Special WX-8842-1

Three needle top and bottom cover stitch with safety stitch for attaching pocket facings